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Part 2 – Selling

So now we need to talk distribution channels (I’m getting this MBA lingo down pat!), and for new businesses like mine, the window to my first shop will be on eBay. I’ve had an eBay account for several years but I’ve never actually sold anything on it and I needed to work out how to navigate this platform as a seller.


As a new seller I was given the usual 20 free listings (usually 35p each) and putting up my first item (an Ainsley orchard gold cabinet plate that I picked up in at Newark antique fair) was very straight forward. I took my first photos with my partner’s old Nikon D80 on the kitchen island and have subsequently found that my iPhone is just as good and removed the need for cables! I uploaded the photographs and off I went…

I repeated these steps over again until I had built up a few live listings. Much to my surprise someone purchased the Ainsley plate the following day!

I could go on and on about the frustration I have felt trying to work out what an item should cost to post to Europe, N America, Asia, etc. but I will stop here as I will only end up boring you all to tears… needless to say that I wanted to throw my laptop and the item itself against the wall in anger on numerous occasions! Fortunately I now seem to have got the hang of it. 😉

One of the best purchases I made was my Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio, a one piece, portable, collapsible photo-studio that has an integrated set of LED lights, basically a big white box to take pictures inside of. This was a game changer for me as it meant that my photographs looked much more professional with clean white backgrounds. This is not meant to be a plug for this product, but I have to mention it’s one of my best ‘business buys’ so far!


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