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Part 3 – A new blogger hits the blogosphere

I always knew I wanted to blog, because I love to write and as anyone who knows me will know, I have opinions on everything and a natural compulsion to share them with everyone, particularly those closest to me.

I also thought it might be a good way of promoting my new eBay shop and getting a few extra people interested in my journey.

Eugenia Kim Honey wide-brim rabbit-felt hat

It is because of this that I created my website where I will be blogging about things I love as well as writing about my adventures on my travels searching for new and exciting opportunities – any excuse for a road trip!


I’ll be sharing with you all my experiences as well as the trials and tribulations of starting a new venture. Who knows, with your help I might be able to build some real momentum?

So here I am world, finally putting myself out there for all to see! I can hear those of you who know me well, cheering at this momentous occasion!

And to all my friends, family (and even a few subscribers), I look forward to feeling like I have someone to write for.

Until the next time…


Katie x

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