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Facebook Hacked

I am writing this post out of pure frustration because someone has hacked my ‘Katie Could.. ‘ Facebook account today.

I would not mind but I have only just taken my first tentative steps into this new world… they could have given me a chance to find my feet first before ruining my whole day!

Not only did they access my Facebook account and change the passwords to MY account. They also messaged MY friends via Facebook Messenger trying to get them to click on this bogus link as well?

Oh wait for it, the best thing of all… they have also gone to the trouble of creating a FAKE profile in my name (well, if they could spell that is, as they couldn’t quite get my name right) – How Rude!!!

Of course I have tried to take all the sensible steps, such as immediately messaging those affected to tell them not to click on the bogus link. Facebook have now suspended my account as a security measure, which is probably the best thing for now until the issue is resolved.

But how did I end up here?

I received a Facebook Messenger message from one of my oldest friends. Only yesterday we had been joking around about me making some ‘You Tube’ videos, so when the link popped up from his Facebook Messenger profile I just assumed (STUPIDLY) that he was sending me some information following our conversation the day before. I am really kicking myself now for clicking…. it’s so easy to do!

I just want to make you all aware of the link that I clicked on so you DON’T make the same mistake as me!

See below:

Hacker – Dont click on this link

Never click on such a link even if it comes from someone you know! (You probably know this already). I feel like the only one who didn’t know, that will teach me for being a social media virgin!

I only realised my account had been hacked when I started receiving Facebook Messenger messages from my friends asking what this link was all about. I then received an email from Facebook saying there was suspicious activity on my account. You don’t say!

I immediately tried to publish a post warning everyone that my account had been hacked, but I don’t think it ever made my news feed as I was promptly locked out of my account.

Needless to say, when I called my friend he confirmed that his account had been in fact been hacked earlier today. Fortunately, he has now managed to restore his security settings without any issues. Hopefully mine will be restored over the next few days and the fake profile deleted. I must say, I do feel a little better having had a rant!

Apologies to anyone who has been negatively effected by this!


Katie x

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