My inner monologue

Sleepless in suburbia 

Instead of sleeping I am lying in bed trying not to curse this gorgeous heatwave that we are having as our bedroom is far too hot for me to get to sleep.

Sleepless in Suburbia__

The lack of air and the thought that I have to be up in only a few hours is making it impossible to sleep. We all have these nights don’t we. That’s a lot of staring at the ceiling or counting proverbial sheep!

Why is it at times like this you just can’t stop your mind from racing, and nothing you do seems to quieten your inner monologue.


As you may know from my ‘about me’ page, I have recently left my full time ‘sensible’ job. There are many reasons for this, (I won’t bore you with these again). That said, it doesn’t mean that I am not scared about what impact this may have on my life. Its daunting and I can’t help lying here thinking about it now…

I know that taking a chance on yourself is exciting, however, leaving that job security behind is a genuine concern for anyone right?

Fear of failure is lurking in the background. The fear of me putting everything I have, my hopes, dreams and finances into starting my own business, only to watch it crash and burn…

Heavy stuff.

But what is my measure of success? Is it me taking a risk and chasing my dreams, or is it me settling for a job that is not making me happy.

No, the former is the only path that I am willing to tread and I am fully committed to it.

It has been quite a challenge so far, working full time whilst setting up Katie Could Limited,, blogging, opening up my eBay shop, sourcing stock and listing it on eBay has taken up so much of my time but I already excited to see where else this will take me.

Of course, alongside these additional commitments I still need to make time for family and fun (although recently I have struggled to fit as much in as I would have liked). Come on, I am not superwoman for goodness sake!

Note to self: Must stop drinking those late night coffees and make sure phone is out of reach when I get into bed!


Katie xxx

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