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Why are bodysuits always too short for my torso?

I have really grown to appreciate the bodysuit. Similar to a one-piece swimsuit they cover your torso and hips and have many different types of bottom coverage and thigh cuts. Most have a snap button bottom closure that allow you to open the bottom without having to take off the entire garment, (very handy after a few glasses of vino!).

Katie Ice Bodysuit small

Bodysuits are made out of almost any material or style so they can be really versatile for either day wear or lingerie. I like the fact that when I am wearing one I don’t need to worry about it becoming untucked or the material bunching up as it often does when you are trying to achieve a seamless silhouette with a regular top.

Mostly I love the bodysuit because if the need arises for me to bend over, (and whatever I am wearing on my lower half starts to slip down) no one gets an eye full of the top of my bottom! Now there is no doubt that I am a strong and confident woman, and despite learning to love myself more over the years, I still have the marks and scars of motherhood that I would rather not show off to the of the world, (even though I tell myself that they are my beautiful scars of life). 

For the third time this year I found a gorgeous bodysuit online, only to order it and have it delivered but it simply does not fit me properly.

No matter how many times I have ordered bodysuits, I have even tried going up a size or two, (I am now up to ordering a size 16 on some websites) they are still too short on the torso and cut me in the… you know what!

Now I know what your thinking… why don’t you just go in to a shop and actually try the bodysuit on before buying it? I have done this but still can’t find that generous length in the body that I am looking for; I always have to compromise.

I can’t work out if it is just me! Do I have the longest body in the world or have I just been really unlucky? Surely I am not the only one who has this problem?

One of my favourite places to shop online is the Outnet, I love shopping there because they stock such diverse selection of brands, (it’s especially good during the sale which is currently on!).

I love this cutout stretch-velvet burgundy turtleneck bodysuit by Alix I purchased from the Outnet. It features a turtleneck, an exposed back with a grosgrain bow and long sleeves with splits at the wrists. Unfortunately it is a struggle to do the poppers up and it is just not generous enough in the length to be comfortable.

I also like to shop at Topshop and Pretty Little Thing, but having ordered from all three, I can confirm that I have had the same problem with every bodysuit that I have ever purchased. Do designers not take into account that women’s shapes have changed significantly over the years?

Agent Provocateur Teddy

Now don’t get me wrong, I still manage (just about) to squeeze myself into these gorgeous little numbers because they make me feel sexy! I love the bodysuits from Agent Provocateur. However, the problem with putting fashion over function is that I spend the whole time fidgeting around with the garment trying to alleviate my discomfort.Wedgies, are not my idea of fun anymore!

Wouldn’t it be great if someone in the UK designed a bodysuit that could be adjustable to a plus size, tall or petite figure, oh and preferably have some built in bust support!

Katie could… design bodysuits – could be an interesting project?

I love this Hobbs off-the-shoulder stretch-ponte bodysuit in red by Gabriela Hearst I purchased from the Outnet, is so gorgeous but again too short for my body!

This ice grey slinky backless long sleeve thong bodysuit from Pretty Little Thing was an absolute bargain. The material on this bodysuit is actually very stretchy so it is probably the most comfortable out of the bodysuits I have purchased. However, because there is still not enough fabric across the length of my torso, the bodysuit pulls down across my chest distorting the neck line.

Topshop Stretch Cotton Long Sleeve Bodysuit green

This stretch cotton long sleeve bodysuit green was purchased from Topshop. I have probably worn this bodysuit the most. I purchased it in a size 16, but it still did not have enough length for my torso…

I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this problem, and if so, have you ever managed to find a bodysuit that caters for you tall torso?


Katie xxx

Shop:  The Outnet,  TopshopPretty Little Thing,  Forever Unique

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  1. I always have the opposite problems with the bodysuits I’ve tried on. I need to take like 10 cms off them, 5 ish on either “flap” or there’s no way they’d fit me. I have just ordered some that I’m really praying will fit me as I adore them.

    1. Hi Penny, that must be frustrating! How tall are you? It’s just such a shame that so many of us have difficulties getting them to fit properly. I hope you have some luck with the bodysuits you have ordered. I adore them too! 😉 x

  2. I have the same problem. I am only 5 foot 4, the actual body fits great but the length is too short.
    the only thing I can think of is to attach a piece of material in the crotch area with popper studs on to add the extra length. but by doing this, it means that the shape/design of the body suit will rise up, so where as the the bit that rises to the waist would be covered by jeans etc, because of the extra material in the crotch, that bit would now ride above the waistline of clothing and you would have a fleshy patch on show lol

    1. Hi Nat, I have had exactly the same experience, it is so frustrating isn’t it! I did find some companies that claim to cater for the taller torso, e.g. ‘Long Tall Sally’ ‘Boohoo Tall Collection’ and ‘ASOS Tall Collection’ However, they don’t appear to have a very varied selection and so far I have not found a bodysuit in a style/material that I wanted to purchase. If I do find a company that meets our needs I will definitely let you know. Love Katie x

  3. I have the exact same issue and Im on the shorter side so im assuming most women do. Perfect solution is to buy the type with bra hooks instead of the snap buttons, then just use a $5.95 bra extender from bras n things or somewhere similar. It adds a good couple of inches! I have a black one and a white one and they fit all my bodysuits.

    1. Hi Laura, that is a great suggestion thanks so much for getting in touch. I have seen these extenders online, and I agree they are a really good solution. I am still thinking of other ways to solve this issue whereby we won’t have to add additional pieces of material in order to get our bodysuits to fit. I will definitely be adding to this post in due course with my findings! Love Katie x

  4. i get this problem with every bodysuit i own and every one i’ve ever tried on, however i do expect it considering i am 6ft i find the tall range bodysuits to be a little better but i still get the same problem. clearly bodysuits just aren’t well designed for tall people or those with longer upper bodies. i think they should make rows of buttons (like the rows of claps on a bra) that way you could slightly adjust the length to fit better.

  5. I have this issue but I suspect I have a mix of problems – a 52″ bust, broad shoulders and a 13″ torso (which you’d think would fit but four body suits later up to size 24, NOPE).

    I’m looking at making my own because I simply don’t believe I’ll ever find one that will fit. Which shouldn’t be something I thought I’d have to do but here we are.

    1. Hi lovely, I totally agree, its so frustrating! I have been forced to buy some body suit extenders but they definitely ruin the look! Xx

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